National Technical Honor Society

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions, and Their Answers

Who is NTHS? 

National Technical Honor Society is the acknowledged leader in the recognition of outstanding student achievement in career and technical education. Thousands of schools and colleges are affiliated with the Society. Member schools agree that NTHS encourages higher scholastic achievement, cultivates a desire for personal excellence, and helps top students find success in today's highly competitive workplace.

What is an
honor society?

An honor society (often designated by a Greek name) is an organization associated with high academic achievement and may also indicate a student’s interest in a specific field of study. Each honor society requires a separate application and payment of "dues" or membership fees. These fees are used to operate the honor societies throughout the year, providing members with scholarly and social programming, an induction ceremony, and other benefits. Fees are submitted with the application for membership.

For clarification on the multitude of distinct honors programs at Orange Coast College, please see here.

Do I have to be in the Honors Program to join?

o. Honor societies are open to all students who fulfill member requirements of any or all of the individual societies, referred to as "chapters," whether or not they are enrolled in the Honors Program itself. While there is no official relationship between the honor societies and the Honors Program, because students who enroll in the Program tend to earn high GPA's, many also qualify for one or more honor societies.

The Honors Program is OCC’s “college within a college,” designed with intellectually curious and creative students in mind. Its main focus is to develop and expand educational opportunities for highly motivated individuals, and to improve their prospects of transfer to even the most competitive universities in the nation.

What is the
Honors Program?

No. NTHS accepts membership applications submissions all year. However, we must receive your application at least a month prior to our annual induction ceremony if you would like to be included. Our ceremony is usually in mid-April, so it's recommended you apply prior to March.

Is there a deadline to apply for membership?

Many honor societies have a community/campus service focus. Our sole service requirement is in exchange for notation; all other benefits are provided to all permanent members. Many honor societies are driven by volunteerism, however, and being active or taking a leadership role can be a beneficial experience.


What if I can't make
the meetings?

We do not restrict membership based on your field of study (including those "undecided"). It just happens that our chapter's inevitable STEM roots - critical areas in today's educational institutions and competitive workforce - have shined to engage members and students extending well beyond traditional conceptions of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We are fortunate to have cultivated a team of founders from all different backgrounds, campus affiliations, and fields of study.

What if I'm not
a "STEM major" ?

Career and Technical Education: Vocational education that prepares people to work in a trade or craft. CTE fields are often attractive because of their focus on solely learning a particular set of skills combined with the abundance of jobs in many of these fields. Orange Coast College has dozens of Career and Technical Education Programs.

What is CTE?

Orange Coast College has a number of programs that can help. Many of them will pay the fees to join an honor society. EOPS, Guardian Scholars, and Student Equities can all provide assistance with much more than joining a society, and you should take advantage of them if you need them.

What if I can't
afford membership?

Society membership is not mutually exclusive; you can join as many as you'd like. But if you'd like to know why you should volunteer your time with NTHS, then you should be aware of our mission and the benefits of being an active member. Our NTHS chapter focuses on preparing students to be career-ready in an open environment of aspiring innovators like you to make, create, and shape a meaning reaching local and global communities without limiting our behavior to traditional, narrowly tailored, or inflexible areas of study. Unlike the common approach for campus- /community service- orientated societies, our chapter strives to achieve tomorrow's greatest, most sustainable and innovative private and public goods and services with widespread benefits in areas or ways where they feel most passionate and/or interested. 

To do so, our chapter engages in networking/social events, encouraging mentoring and internship opportunities, advocating hands-on/real-world learning experience, and advocate 21st-century-based approaches towards developing and polishing of the fundamental skills and technology to best accommodate social and psychological needs, combat environmental limitations, and boost the international economy.

Why should I pick NTHS out of all the societies?

During the first academic year of our chapter (2015-2016), our team prioritized creating a foundation of local partnership, fellowship, sponsorship, and/or networking opportunity both on and off campus in order to best accommodate our future generations. OCC Science Night is a campus favorite and one of our first highlights as a chapter. Volunteer opportunities for campus-related events are familiarly associated by representing our chapter at popular semi-annual features such as "Honors Open House," "Coast Day" and "Club Rush." 

Of course, our NTHS chapter doesn't stop there. 
We naturally engage in pursuits beyond traditional procedure in the realm of academic enrichment through an open community of honest fellowship that encourages all membership to create, inspire, innovate or join an array of projects, service and volunteerism at their own availability and interest both on and off campus. Recent projects have included a variety of technical challenges, such as our animatronic pirate, a Green Coast Day showcase, and 3D printed prototyping. We also partner with clubs, such as the STEM Club and the Programming Club, to work on more advanced projects and find a place to showcase them. 

If you have a project idea of your own, pitch it to us! We'd love to hear it, and we may be able to fund it. The biggest barrier to completing projects is lack of manpower, and the solution starts with having a passionate project leader who wants to see it through. Projects do not have to be limited to technical fields, but can consist of presentations, showcases, research, or any other activity. Some classes may even offer extra credit or allow you to use this work as part of an assignment. Why not get volunteer hours, get funding, and get a better grade? We're here to help you do just that, and are always happy to support ambition! 

What kind of activities does NTHS offer?

We have a page of contact information, including individual officer e-mails, our advisor's phone number, and a contact form that will go to the chapter's e-mail inbox. Contact us any time, and we will do our best to get back to you and answer any questions you may have.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?